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Finding Your Dream Home in Toronto

Moving is often based on need; making a commute more manageable or having enough space for a family, for instance. There comes a time, however, when you are able to put need aside—when you can choose the home you want because you want it. This is your dream home: the Toronto house that makes you smile each time you wake up and go to sleep.

What Makes a Dream Home?

The Features You Wish For: A dream home is all about your desires, not your needs. Let your imagination run wild and imagine a lakeside cabin for two that can view the sunrise over the water, an older and stately manor of classical architecture, or even a luxury condo with all the amenities and right in the heart of the city. Be free to imagine the ideal place to live and let it guide you on your house-hunting journey.

Neighbours, or Lack Thereof: A home is defined not just by what’s in it, but by the surroundings as well. You may thrive in an active community in the suburbs or somewhere more secluded in a forest. Maybe you love going out for breakfast and want a friendly diner within walking distance that make the eggs just the way you like them. You may even enjoy the business of the city and meeting new people on a daily basis.

Space: Square footage is not always divided in the same way between properties; you could have a spacious kitchen and living room when what you’d prefer is a larger bedroom. A home’s space should reflect your desires and needs. An all-inclusive kitchen with two ovens is great for someone who likes to host parties or cook, but not the best for someone who’d rather eat out or use the additional space in order to have a large playroom or backyard for the kids.

Potential for the Future: It is unlikely that you will find a home that perfectly matches your dream. A Muskoka room, hot tub lounge, or advanced media room may not be present immediately and even if they are, they may not be to your liking. The ability to further refine your home so it matches your dream is an important element that can’t be overlooked. It may take some time and either a lot of elbow grease or some outside help, but the end result will be well worth it.

Minimal Compromise: Sometimes what a house doesn’t have can be just as important as what it does. If you’re not a big swimmer and hate pool maintenance, then a pool on your property will drag you down no matter how nice the house is. Compromise is hard to avoid in house hunting, but that doesn’t mean you need to do a lot of it. Your dream house is something you don’t need to convince yourself of and that doesn’t leave you dwelling on a single negative aspect.
Bringing Dreams to Life

Everyone deserves a chance to find their dream home, and Braden White is able to help. As a licensed sales representative with Chestnut Park—one of Toronto’s leading luxury real estate brokerages—knowledge of design and trade connections, he can help anyone find their ideal property and can assist with turning it into their dream home.