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New Addition to The Leaside Real Estate Market

New Addition to The Leaside Real Estate Market

Once in a while, you will stumble across a nearly perfect neighborhood; somewhere inviting, unique, and picturesque. A place that makes you feel comfortable and at home.

This is Leaside.

Leaside is a beautiful community located about approximately 15-20 minutes northeast of downtown Toronto. The neighbourhood consists primarily of upper middle class families and is one of the most popular and coveted neighbourhoods in Toronto.

Located near a wonderful shopping centre and some of the finest schools in the area, Leaside also boasts plenty of parks and greenery. Furthermore, access to the public transport system is a breeze, which makes commuting into downtown Toronto quick and painless.

With all these perks, it is no wonder that Leaside real estate is fiercely sought after.

With all of the above being said, it is time to get even more excited about Leaside and one of its new additions! Upper House Condos – a new low-rise condo and townhouse development that caters to young professionals, young families and empty nesters – is coming to Leaside! 

This new project is in its early construction stage and promises to offer a range of living spaces, from sleek one-bedroom suites to spacious two-storey townhomes at reasonable price points (especially considering the currently hot Toronto real estate market). With very little comparable competition to this new development in Leaside, it is very likely that the value of these units will increase, making this a great potential investment for anyone looking to get into the Leaside market.

Customizing your new condo or townhome to your taste will be easy as you work alongside an interior design consultant to choose the best colours for the walls, finishes for the cabinets, and materials for the flooring.

Reserving your space in this luxurious community is necessary in Leaside’s competitive real estate market. Don’t hesitate to contact me today to take the first step in your journey to owning a brand new condo in Leaside.

Contact me to learn more about the Leaside real estate market or to learn more about The Upper House Condo.

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