7 Steps to buying a home in toronto

Have you been thinking about possibly buying a home in Toronto and aren’t quite sure what the process looks like?

The thought of buying a home can be daunting and sometimes scary when you don’t know what to expect. With very little supply and currently record low inventory of available properties in Toronto, it may seem that you have zero chance of successfully securing a home. The good news is that many homebuyers are securing themselves a home even in our current competitive market.

How are they managing to do this? Based on my experience as a full time Toronto real estate agent, I can pretty much guarantee that these successful buyers have had all of their ducks in a row and were properly prepared to submit a strong offer at any moment. Like most things in life, the more prepared you are, the better the chance of you successfully achieving your objective.

In order to help you understand the buying process, I have included 7 steps to buying a Toronto home below.


STEP 1 (Determine Your Downpayment)

$500K purchase or Less

5% for purchase of $500K or less

$500K – $1M purchase 

5% of the first $500,000 of the purchase price

10% for the portion of the purchase price over $500,000

$1M or higher

20% of the purchase price


STEP 2 (Get Pre-Approved)

Speak with your lender to find out what amount, rate and term you can be approved for. Never submit an offer on a property before knowing your numbers and your limits.


STEP 3 (Interview Toronto Real Estate Agents)

What To Look For In An Agent:

  • They are a full time agent
  • There are no bad reports on RECO’s site about them
  • They have good reviews
  • They know your neighbourhoods of interest well
  • They are readily available to answer your questions and concerns at any time


STEP 4 (Start House Hunting!)

Some Things To Consider During Your Search:

  • See if there is a pre-listing home inspection and property survey available to review 
  • Review the status certificate if available (condos)
  • Look at recent comparable sales with your agent to determine what is a reasonable sale price
  • Determine if there is an offer date
  • Ensure your deposit is accessible


STEP 5 (Submit & Negotiate an Offer)

Discuss the recently sold comparable properties in the area with your agent and determine what the best initial offer price is. If there is an offer date, it is likely that there will be other offers so you should know your maximum limit before submitting an offer. Your agent will put together your offer according to the total number of offers. Make sure your deposit is available in case your offer wins.


STEP 6 (Schedule Home Inspection)

This could potentially save you money and headaches.

If there isn’t a pre-listing home inspection available, it is always a good idea to arrange to have your own home inspection completed. When not competing against other offers, you have a better chance of having an offer conditional on a home inspection accepted. Discuss this with your agent before submitting your offer.


STEP 7 (Closing Day!)

Once the lawyers have completed the closing and the funds have been transferred, the keys to your new home will be provided to you and it will be time to celebrate.

Congratulations, you are now a new home owner!


Are you thinking about buying a home and have questions about the process or the market?

Contact me any time with any questions or concerns you may have. I’m happy to answer all of your questions or concerns for you.

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Toronto Real Estate Agents

It’s now the time of year when we can enjoy warm cozy fires while we escape the cooling outdoor temperatures on a brisk autumn evening. You know, one of those nights that you pour yourself a drink, sit back and watch a movie or the Leafs as the fire crackles.

Many of the homes in Toronto were built approximately 100 years ago and in some cases before that time. A large number of these older homes in Toronto include wood burning fireplaces, I see them on a daily basis while showing homes throughout the city to my buyer clients.

One important thing to consider when viewing homes which have wood burning fireplaces is whether or not the fireplace and chimney are in good working order and are safe to use. Many of the fireplaces that you see during showings look inviting and you likely take a moment during your showing to visualize yourself sitting back with your feet up enjoying a nice warm fire on a cold Toronto evening once you’ve moved in. However, the reality is that many of these charming old wood burning fireplaces are not in good working order and could pose a threat to the safety and health of you and your family. The last thing you want is to start your first fire in your new home to have a back draft of smoke blowing into your home or even worse, a chimney fire due to build up of creosote over the years.

Toronto real estate

When considering the purchase of a home with any type of fireplace, ask the sellers and their agent the following questions:

Is the fireplace and chimney functional and in good working order?

When was the fireplace and chimney last cleaned?

Are you able to provide a copy of the receipt for the most recent chimney cleaning?

When was the fireplace and chimney last inspected by a WETT certified inspector and do you have a copy of the inspection?

When possible, have a home inspection completed, including an inspection of the fireplace and interior and exterior of the chimney completed by a WETT certified inspector prior to submitting an offer. You may want to ask your agent about including a representation and warranty clause in your offer which essentially requires the seller to provide a declaration that the fireplace and chimney are in good working order. Including such a clause will support your cause at a later date should the seller provide a misrepresentation about the fireplace and chimney to you during the buying process and you then find out that the fireplace and chimney are not in good working order on closing.

Toronto real estate agents

By asking questions and having the proper inspections completed, you can avoid headaches and unwanted expensive repairs associated with fixing a fireplace and chimney that are not in good working order.

Are you thinking about making a move or do you have questions about the Toronto real estate market?

Contact me any time with any questions you may have. I am always here to help and to answer your questions.

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