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Trusted Real Estate Agent in Toronto
Selling or buying a home in Toronto can be a time-consuming and stressful experience. Braden White is here to help make the process a successful and enjoyable experience.

Selling your Toronto home?

The current state of Toronto’s real estate market would be classified as a “sellers’ market”. Regardless of whether it’s a detached property, a condo or a townhouse, there is ample demand for housing within the city of Toronto with not enough inventory to keep up with the demand. This is especially true with the top neighbourhoods in Toronto such as Rosedale, Forest Hill, Summerhill, Deer Park, Moore Park, Leaside, St. Lawrence, Distillery District and King West (and the list goes on). Toronto real estate agent Braden White can help you get top dollar for your property in the following ways:

Property Value:

Two homes of the same size can sell for entirely different prices depending on various factors, including location, lot size, school district and condition. Braden can provide insight on property values within your area through the completion of a comparative market analysis (CMA). With the support of his first-class brokerage Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited, as well as his extensive knowledge in design, construction and sales from owning a successful boutique design and build company, Braden has the right skills and experience to assess your property’s value and sell it for top dollar.

Toronto Multiple Listing Service:

With access to the Toronto MLS, Braden has access to valuable and confidential real estate information that is not available to the general public, including the most recent sales in your area as well as in-depth details regarding the other current available MLS listings in your neighbourhood. Through the use of the Toronto MLS, combined with other strategic methods, Braden can assist you with determining an appropriate asking price for your property.

Connections and Reach:

In addition to strategic social media and print advertising, Braden is able to market your property both locally and internationally through his first-class brokerage Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited and as an associate of the world-renowned Christie’s International Real Estate. In addition, Braden will market your property to his vast number of local and international connections. Visit the “Marketing” page to learn more about some of Braden’s strategic marketing methods.


When selling or leasing your property, it’s important that you obtain top dollar while making sure your rights are protected. With the backing of the in-house legal team at Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited, along with strategic alliances Braden has with other Toronto lawyers, Braden ensures his clients’ rights are protected throughout the selling or leasing process.

Buying a home in Toronto?

Buying a home in Toronto can be a stressful and time-consuming endeavour. With limited supply and high demand for Toronto homes, the odds of you getting your dream home without the assistance of a real estate agent are slim to none. Braden is here to make the buying process a successful and enjoyable experience.

Knowledge and Support:

Through Braden’s brokerage, Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited (the exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate), and with the use of the Toronto MLS, Braden stays well-informed about Toronto’s high-end real estate market. Braden keeps his eye on various neighbourhoods throughout the city on a daily basis in order to keep up to date with what is currently available, what is selling and what is not selling in those specific neighbourhoods.

Top Toronto Communities:

Toronto has a wide selection of beautiful neighbourhoods that cater to a variety of lifestyles. Whether your preferences make Rosedale, Summerhill, Yorkville, King West or the Distillery District (among the many other beautiful Toronto neighbourhoods) your perfect community, as a licensed Toronto real estate agent, Braden can assist you with finding the perfect property that meets your specific needs.

Alliances and Support:

Through alliances with many other professionals, such as mortgage agents, lawyers, home inspectors, moving companies, home cleaners and various contractors and interior designers, all of whom Braden has a long working relationship with, Braden can assist you prior, during and after the buying process by putting you in contact with the right professionals to assist you with your particular needs.

Community & Connecting

Braden is more than just a real estate agent. Braden enjoys meeting new people throughout the city and around the world and learning about each individual and their story. Braden enjoys helping others as much as possible and connecting people with other like-minded people who could benefit from knowing one another. If you see Braden around the city of Toronto, make sure to say hi as Braden would love to meet you and hear your story.


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