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The Power of Video (My Top 5 picks for best real estate videos)

Methods of marketing real estate have come a long way and now include breathtaking professional videos that highlight a property’s features from angles that were not possible in the past. From the original point and shoot film cameras to the digital SLR cameras with video options that are now available, it is hard to believe photography and videography have come as far as they have in such a short amount of time. As an avid photographer and Toronto real estate agent, I can’t help but admire the art of creating a breathtaking real estate video that showcases the beauty of a property. With this being said, I have yet been able to find a company that beats the quality and creativity of “Black Sail Media”, a Los Angeles based company that specializes in “digital storytelling, branded content and creative cinematography”. Below, I have included my Top 10 picks for best real estate videos. Sit back, relax and enjoy the views.

1) Black Sail Media  551 Chalette (


2) Black Sail Media 2307 Arbutus (


3) Black Sail Media 1605 Viewmont (


4) Black Sail Media 42540 Pacific Coast Highway (


5) Black Sail Media (