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Toronto MLS

Toronto MLSToronto MLS

With access to the Toronto MLS, Braden has access to valuable and confidential real estate information that is not available to the general public, including the most recent sales in your area as well as in-depth details regarding the other current available MLS listings in your neighbourhood. Through the use of the Toronto MLS, combined with other strategic methods, Braden can assist you with determining an appropriate asking price for your property and can provide accurate real estate advice when looking to purchase or rent a property.

Marketing & Selling:

In addition to the use of the Toronto MLS, Braden is able to market your property both locally and internationally through his first-class real estate brokerage Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited and as an associate of the world-renowned Christie’s International Real Estate. In addition, Braden will market your property to his vast number of local and international connections. Visit the “Marketing” page to learn more about some of strategic marketing methods Braden uses in addition to the use of the Toronto MLS.

The Toronto MLS & Buying/Renting:

With the use of the Toronto MLS, Braden is able to assist his clients by providing reliable and valuable real estate statistics prior to buying or leasing a property. It is important that buyers and renters are well informed of recent transactions in order to make an informed decision when putting in an offer to purchase or rent a property. Without reviewing the properties that have recently sold or rented in your area of interest, it is impossible to be sure you are making an appropriate offer on the property that interests you. With such a large number of buyers competing for properties these days, making an uneducated offer on a property is very likely to set you up for disappointment.

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