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Toronto Real Estate Agent

Braden White is able to provide knowledgeable and professional real estate services regardless of a client’s specific needs. His commitment to outstanding results and his constant strive for perfection means exceptional customer service and knowledgeable guidance and assistance on many different aspects of Toronto’s real estate market for all of his clients.


As a licensed real estate agent with Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited, Braden White can guide you through some of Toronto’s finest properties offered by some of Toronto’s leading luxury real estate brokerages. Braden carefully listens to his client’s needs and objectives and can find properties across the Toronto area to suit your personal taste while providing you with exceptional real estate services at the same time. Braden White further offers his clients with consultations on their property values, mortgage options, and other tools needed to help secure their desired home.


It’s a seller’s market right now, which makes the services of a real estate agent all the more important so you can obtain top dollar in the least amount of time for your property. Braden White can offer insight on property value, as well as staging and design so you can better prepare your home for showings. His access to Toronto’s Multiple Listing Services (MLS), strategic social media ads, and his vast network of both local and international connections can further expand marketing options and ensure as many people as possible see your property. Even once you receive an appealing offer, Braden White will assist with the negotiation process while ensuring your rights are protected. Braden’s goal is to make the selling process of your Toronto home as smooth and pleasant as possible.


The option to rent apartments, condos and houses is increasingly popular in Toronto, and real estate agents are more than able to assist. Braden White’s knowledge of Toronto’s diverse communities can help you find ideal rental opportunities in the neighbourhood that suits you best. Braden White will also work with you to negotiate acceptable, reasonable, and affordable terms with the landlord while ensuring your rights are protected as a renter.