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What makes Summerhill Home to Some of Toronto’s Top Real Estate?

Tucked just north of Yonge and Bloor, Summerhill is Toronto’s mid-city oasis. Located just a few kilometers from Toronto’s city centre, potential homeowners are often shocked by the beautiful, quiet tree-lined streets that surround Summerhill’s prime real estate. After all, how could such a serene piece of suburbia exist while still being close to everything that makes living in a big city great?

Summerhill Real Estate

Summerhill Real Estate

The neighbourhood’s oldest homes were built between 1880 and 1915 in semi-detached and detached Victorian and Edwardian styles. Today, it is that same architecture that leaves Summerhill dripping in Old World charm. It is refreshing to take a stroll through the area to indulge in the neighbourhood’s cafes, shops and restaurants all while not being overwhelmed with the vinyl siding and plastic balcony railings of some newer residential areas found within the city of Toronto. In addition to the older homes, modern housing has started to make its way into the neighbourhood of Summerhill.

Originally, Summerhill’s earliest houses were built without driveways, leading to the city to implement low-cost street parking. However, houses of all sizes can be found in Summerhill today including single-family homes with private driveways as well as low-rise luxury condominiums.

Summerhill real estate

Summerhill Real Estate

While the neighbourhood has plenty clothing shops, bars, restaurants, and cafes of its own and remains one of the most highly walkable areas in the city outside the Distillery District’s pedestrian-only thoroughfares, Summerhill is a short drive or subway ride from the heart of Toronto. Originally, it was the addition of the Summerhill subway station that made the neighbourhood grow so rapidly. Today, that same subway station allows fast and convenient access to almost anywhere in the city. It is this easy downtown access as well as the area’s gorgeous houses that makes Summerhill one of the most desirable places to call home in Toronto.

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