Cabbagetown Neighbourhood History

Thousands of Irish immigrated to Cabbagetown in the 1840’s after the potato famins back home in Ireland. Many of the residents would grow cabbage in their front gardens which is how Cabbagetown got it’s name. Cabbagetown was hit hard by the Depression in the 1930’s but was later revitalized when new owners bought many of the historical Victorian homes.

Cabbagetown Neighbourhood Today

Cabbagetown is one of Toronto’s most interesting and tightly knit communities. It consists of a large number of beautiful Victorian style homes. Many have been updated and are breathtaking both on the inside and out. Every fall, the Cabbagetown community holds a fall festival which includes a yard sale throughout the entire community.

Cabbagetown Properties & Real Estate

Cabbagetown is known for it’s stunning and historical Victorian style homes. The majority of the homes in Cabbagetown were built between 1860-1895. The Cabbagetown Preservation Association ensures that all renovations completed to Cabbagetown homes maintain the historical look of the area.

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Cabbagetown Real Estate


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Cabbagetown Local Business Directory

Below are some of the most prominent businesses within Cabbagetown and the surrounding area.



House on Parliament

454 Parliament St, Toronto


Royal home Hardware

485 Parliament St, Toronto


Shoppers Drug Mart

467 Parliament St, Toronto


Butter Chicken Factory

556 Parliament St, Toronto


JetFuel Coffee Shop

519 Parliament St, Toronto



512 Parliament St, Toronto


TD Canada Trust

493 Parliament St, Toronto


Menagerie Pet Shop

549 Parliament St, Toronto


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