Toronto School Districts

Schooling is an important part of life and most parents want to ensure that they send their children to the best schools as possible. Before making your final decision on where to buy your next Toronto home or condo, it is important that you consider which school district your potentially new address will fall under. In addition to considering which school you would like your children to attend, you may also want to consider the school district your new home will fall under for resale purposes. Buying a home that is within one of the top Toronto school districts can greatly enhance the value of your property when it comes time to sell. With so many foreign buyers purchasing Toronto real estate, and with schooling being one of their top priorities, it is common for foreign buyers to pay well over the asking price in order to ensure that their children attend the best schools available. Although, not all of us are able to afford to live within the best school districts, do your best to focus on neighborhoods that fit within your budget and that have above average school rankings.

CLICK HERE to determine which Toronto school district your potentially new address falls under.

Below are links to the rankings of both Toronto elementary and secondary schools for by the Fraser Institute for 2014-15.

Elementary CLICK HERE
Secondary CLICK HERE

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