Selling Toronto Real Estate

Without the proper Toronto real estate knowledge, access to local market stats, marketing plan, negotiating and contractual law experience, listing your property can be a confusing, stressful, costly and unsuccessful experience. Below are some important points to keep in mind when considering the sale of your Toronto property.


Property Seller

As a property seller, it is in your best interest to obtain the services of a real estate professional who is knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated to their clients. It is important to be open minded to the suggested list price that your agent may provide after comparing your property to other recently sold properties in your area and to keep your property in a presentable condition for potential showings during the listing period.

Trusted Toronto Real Estate Agent

Finding the right Toronto real estate agent to sell your property can be a challenging endeavour. It is important to choose an agent who has an understanding of your objectives and the current market trends for your specific area and who full-time agent. In order to obtain top dollar, your real estate agent will need to have a good understanding of your property’s features, be capable of effectively marketing your property, have good negotiating skills, be easily accessible and be willing to work endlessly to close the deal.

Home Staging Tips for Sellers

Once you have found your agent, it is time to get your property in shape for showings. The condition of your property can greatly affect the perceived value that potential buyers see in your property and ultimately the final sale price of your property. Sometimes the simplest adjustments can make the largest impact. Below is a list of tasks that you can undertake as a seller in order to enhance the appearance of your property without the additional cost associated with hiring a stager.


  • De-Clutter: The term “less is more” is often true when staging a property. Usually, people tend to clutter their space with personal pieces of memorabilia, decoration and other personal items. A cluttered space can severely impact a potential buyer’s perception of your property. Items of personal interest may not coincide with a potential buyer’s interests and may negatively impact their opinion of your property.


  • Paint: A fresh coat of the right colour paint can drastically transform the overall look of a room. It is typically best to stick to neutral colours as it will be appealing to a larger group of potential buyers.


  • Lighting: The impact of good lighting is immeasurable. Not only does good lighting allow potential buyers to view the entire space without struggling, but it also allows you to set a mood. With the right lighting, you can accomplish a wide variety of moods while enhancing and showcasing the many positive features that your property has to offer. It is important to focus on both interior and exterior lighting.


  • Pops of Colour: Although neutral colours tend to be a safer bet, it is still beneficial to add some colour to your space. Whether it is colourful throw pillows, flowers or art on the wall, you can drastically enhance the overall look of a space by including the right colours.


  • Three’s Company: You can enhance the appearance of a space by mixing in the right accessories. It is important to limit your accessories to odd numbers. Scale is also important and height, width, shape and layout should be considered.


  • Curb Appeal: First impressions are important. The first impression that a potential buyer gets from the appearance of your property as they drive by can mean the difference of gaining or losing a sale. By maintaining and de-cluttering your yard, adding colour to the garden beds and repairing any uneven or damaged stone work, you will greatly enhance the potential of grabbing the attention of a serious buyer.


  • Face Lift: If you can’t afford new kitchen or bathroom cabinets, you can simply replace the doors and hardware. There are many different affordable options for various types of hardware.


  • Clean, Clean, Clean: By making sure your kitchen, bathroom, floors, windows and counters are clean, you are letting potential buyers know that your property has been cared for.


If you are too busy, don’t have confidence in your own staging capabilities or simply prefer to hire a professional, I can assist you with getting your property into an ideal showing condition. With an eye for detail and experience in the design and build industry, I have extensive knowledge in transforming a space into something truly special. In addition to my past design experience, I can recommend a variety of creative ways of enhancing a room’s look for very little or no cost at all.

Marketing Your Property

When competing with other properties listed in the Toronto real estate market, it is important to make your property stand out from the competition. Once you have your property in top condition, it is time to get the required attention in order to find the right buyer. Through various marketing techniques and creative marketing strategies, I am able to get your property the attention it needs in order for it to be seen by a large number of qualified buyers both locally and internationally. Some of the marketing techniques you can expect when working with me are:

  • Listing on the Toronto MLS
  • Strategic, paid social media ads on sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Exclusive ads to Braden’s vast network of both local and international connections on LinkedIn
  • Custom video ads posted on Vimeo & YouTube
  • Various types of print media



Upon receiving an offer that meets your expectations, I will negotiate with the buyer and buyer’s real estate representative in order to obtain the best price for your property.


Once the deal has closed, it is important to take a moment to celebrate and be excited about the sale of your property!
Contact me to discuss how I can assist you with the listing, marketing, negotiations and sale of your property.

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