Leslieville Neighbourhood History

Leslieville originally started off as a small village in the 1850s. Leslieville gets its name from George Leslie and Sons, the owners of the Toronto Nurseries that were situated in this area at the time.

A majority of the residents during this time were market gardeners or employees of one of the several brick manufacturing companies that operated in Leslieville.

Leslieville Neighbourhood Today

Leslieville is a quiet community located in the east end of the city. It consists of older charming homes, parks, shops, restaurants and bars. The community has greatly gentrified between the years of 2000 to 2010. Some of the buildings which were previously used for industrial purposes have been revamped into condominiums. Some of the industrial buildings have also been converted into studios for the ever growing film industry that frequently operates in Toronto.


Leslieville Properties & Real Estate

The older homes in the Leslieville neighbourhood, mainly along Queen Street and south to Eastern Avenue, were built in the late 1800s. They include homes of various different styles including Second Empire row houses, Victorian houses as well as Ontario Cottages.

The second generation of houses to pop up in the Leslieville neighbourhood were built in the early 1900s north of Queen Street. This area of Leslieville includes detached and semi-detached houses as well as several bungalows that fall into the category of some of the smallest homes in Toronto.

Leslieville has started to become a popular neighbourhood for young families and young professionals. Leslieville includes some of Toronto’s most affordable housing options. In addition to the many different houses available in Leslieville, the neighbourhood has become a popular spot for boutique condominiums which tend to be slightly more affordable for individuals looking to enter the Leslieville community.

Leslieville Real Estate Agents


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Leslieville Local Business Directory

Below are some of the most prominent businesses within Leslieville and surrounding area.




1111 Queen Street East, Toronto


Bobbette & Belle Artisanal Pastries
1121 Queen Street East, Toronto



Tango Palace Coffee
1156 Queen Street East, Toronto


MEATing on Queen
1160 Queen Street East, Toronto


Leslieville Animal Hospital
1166 Queen Street East, Toronto


Raise the Root Organic Market
1164 Queen Street East, Toronto


The Cannonball
641 Queen Street East, Toronto


Joy Bistro
884 Queen Street East, Toronto


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